ITC Category 2

A prerequisite for ITC Category 2 is that the student must hold a Category 1 certificate.

The five day Category 2 training course prepares you for qualification as a Category 2 certified Thermographer. You will learn about topics in Infrared Thermography to both deepen and broaden your knowledge about infrared physics, heat science, infrared measurement equipment and its application. As a Category 2 Thermographer you shall provide guidance to category 1 personnel in the areas of equipment selection, techniques, limitations, data analysis, corrective actions and reporting.

In order to attend a Category 2 Thermography Course, you shall

• hold a valid Level 1/ Category 1 Thermography certificate

• prepare a case study to be presented at the Category 2 course and submitted towards qualification at course closing.

Details and guidelines on the case study will be issued 2-3 weeks prior to the course start date.


Course Content

  • Introdcution to Thermography: Review of Level 1
  • Temperature: Conversion factors between Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Heat Transfer Theory: Convection, conduction and radiation
  • Thermography: Blackbodies, Emissivity, Planks/Boltzman/Newton/Wein's Laws
  • IR Measurement Systems Overview: Details of different thermal imaging camera parameters
  • Transient Thermographic NDT: Analyzed methids
  • ITC Certification Test

Pricing for this type of course varies depending on the location and duration of the course. ITC offers this training in a 4-day as well as in a 5-day version. Content-wise both courses are identical. 

5 Days 5 Days 5 Days 5 Days
UK only Central, North and Western Europe Eastern, South and South Eastern Europe Middle East
GBP 1.715,00 EUR 2.100,00 EUR 2.000,00 USD 2.730,00


All prices are subject to local VAT rates.


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