Frequently Asked Questions

Where does ITC hold training?

ITC delivers local language programs in over thirty countries. Our global operations implements training tools, programs, and certification for countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. In North America, the learning objectives, contact hours, and written exam of ITC’s Level I course are based on the requirements outlined by ANSI/ ASNT CP-105 and CP-189 of ASNT. Areas outside of North America are in compliance with ISO 17024, ISO 18436, and DIN EN ISO 9712 

What types of courses does ITC offer?

ITC offers a large variety of thermography training courses. From beginner courses for those who have just started using IR or who are thinking about purchasing a thermal imager, to multi-level certification training and advanced application courses.

How much does training cost?

Our tuition is dependent on the length of the training as well where you are located. Most prices are available on the respective course description flyer. You may also reach out to your local ITC office for a detailed quote.

Does ITC offer online training as well?

We sure do! Check out our online courses or our free webinars about the basics of thermography

Does ITC provide on-site training as well?

Yes! ITC’s onsite training courses are the best way to accommodate a large group on a limited budget. Our instructors will travel directly to your facility which not only limits travel costs but keeps your staff onsite; reducing downtime and short staff issues. Not to mention instruction is tailored to your specific application! Staff will benefit from hands-on learning that addresses the scenarios and equipment they are responsible for on a daily basis.

Why do I need to get certified?

Holding a certificate from a recognized source such as ITC will provide you with a personal qualification that proves you have the know-how to perform an infrared inspection, analyze your recordings, and bring your findings to paper properly. Furthermore, some insurance companies require thermography certification before providing coverage. ITC courses prepare the candidate for a certification examination in compliance to national and/or international standards.

Does my certification expire?

Yes, thermography certifications are valid for five years. To be eligible for renewal you must either use your IR camera for at least 25% of your work, publish a paper on thermography, or attend another training or ITC conference within those five years. You must submit a form alongside paying a recertification fee. After ten years you will have to retake the respective exam again or take the exam of a higher level.

Who teaches the classes?

ITC uses both internal and external trainers. Internal trainers are typically either an ITC country manager or a well experienced FLIR employee. Our external trainers are the most experienced experts in the field and bring decades of knowledge to the table. All instructors at ITC hold ASNT, EPRI, EN, BINDT and ISO qualifications.

Do you offer discounts if we send multiple students to one course?

Yes, we do! Get your individual quote now by contacting your local ITC office.

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee covers all course materials, certification (if applicable), lunch during course days as well as hot/cold beverages and snacks throughout the day. Hotel charges, breakfast and dinner are not included. However, once registered you will receive information on the venue and how to get a discount rate as an ITC student.

Should I bring my IR camera to class?

Yes! If you already own a thermal camera, please make sure to bring it with you. After all it is the tool you will be using afterwards. If you do not have an IR camera yet, do not worry. We offer cameras for loan for the duration of the course (contact your local ITC office). 

Where can I meet ITC?

ITC is present at trade shows throughout  EMEA where FLIR Systems exhibits. Additionally, the best way to interact with ITC and thermography experts from around the globe is our bi-annual InfraMation conference in the US. The largest thermography training & educational conference in the world, where hundreds of thermographer gather to share their experience and findings on a range of predictive maintenance applications.

For more information on where to visit with ITC, check our Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube pages!

What are the ITC standards?

The products and services of ITC are in compliance with ISO 17024 and ISO 18436. Courses in North America meet or exceed the ASNT SNT-TC-1A guidelines and are accredited by NETA. Our quality management system for the training, education and certification of professional users of thermal infrared sensors and systems is certified to ISO 9001.


Any additional questions? Contact us for more information.