About ITC

Increase credibility, enhance your career, and build your business. We are the world’s largest and leading infrared training and certification provider internationally recognized as the gold standard of qualification among industry professionals. ITC offers a vast array of application-focused courses from beginner to expert, so students never have to settle for a course that only meets some of their needs. Electrical and mechanical systems, building and roof applications, optical gas imaging, furnace inspection, and research and development courses are all among the classes available. ITC certification training courses include comprehensive, hands-on labs and workshops designed to engage and challenge the student.

Recognizing the importance of student involvement, our instructors use live demonstrations and individualized labs to recreate real-world situations. Continued reinforcement of class topics helps students make the connection between thermal science and application practice. It is during these exercises that attendees learn how to get the most out of their thermal imager and discover its true value and capabilities. Acting as the training and consulting division of FLIR Systems, the global leader in Infrared camera, night vision and thermal imaging systems, our courses are designed to be vendor neutral so no matter which make or model infrared camera you have we can train you on it. Our job is educating thermographers.

ITC is headed by John Keane out of our Nashua, NH facility in the US. John leads a global team of instructors, sales representatives and country managers. ITC EMEA currently consists of five employees each overseeing a designated area within the region. Our extensive network of Regional Training Partners and Licensed Training Centers allows us to offer training around the globe in almost any language.